Infra-Red Timelapse – Karst Country

This is the motion component of the recent Karst Country exhibition shown at the BAC in Canberra ACT. This infra-red time-lapse footage features the limestone landscapes near Wee Jasper NSW – which were the focus of the Karst Country exhibition’s other prints and paintings – see

This is only a very short section of a much larger project – in scope, duration and resolution (4K) – that I am currently working on with emerging cloud wrangler James van der Moezel.

The edit and music on this version were influenced by the unique constraints of public display in the specific gallery space – as well as the specific theme of the exhibition and it’s other elements. The evolution of this project will see a final completed piece which will probably vary somewhat in its content and music. We are just starting on this really – and this is the start of the start.

Technical stuff : RED Scarlet / Epic cams… Nikon glass … IR filters (R72) … CS6. Music by David Lawrence.

Note: some BTS, location and exhibition shots on the first three pages here – – kinda outlines the whole project 🙂